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A Matter of Rhyme features original works by Sheri Wall that are thoughtfully written with rhyme and repetition to help children learn and become excellent readers!


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About the Author


Hi there! I'm Sheri Wall. When my boys were young, we would read aloud so, so much! It was a great way for me to snuggle with them and have absolutely no guilt about making the laundry wait. I especially loved rhyming books, and my boys did too! We would delight in the sing-songy rhythms and take turns finishing the verses.

My boys are now grown, and my husband encouraged me to channel my creative energy into writing children's books. I decided to focus on rhyming books and established my brand A Matter of Rhyme to celebrate reading aloud as a fun, essential learning tool. I know that rhyming and repetition are important for children’s brain development, and I've seen that they work.

When I'm not writing, I like to cook, eat, decorate, bargain hunt, and stay active. You can see all my titles in my store, and follow me on the social media platforms shown.